The FREEDOM Coop website has been created as a resource for business, organisations and individuals that support freedom of choice and who will not be asking for personal medical information from their customers or clients, and do not support any sort of discrimination when offering their products or services.

Because of changes to freedom of information exchange and open dialogue across social media platforms we saw a need to provide an independent platform so that FREEDOM lovers can find businesses, groups and resources that will support them and their freedom to choose.

Under the resources section you will find links to other organisations and websites that are providing advocacy for industry groups threatened by mandates and legal services for anyone suffering under the current situation.

Also under Health you will find useful information and links to Information and Health Professionals who are sympathetic of your right to medical sovereignty.

Listing a business is totally FREE. If you want to show your support as a user of the directory and resources, or want to get involved as a partner, volunteer promoter or content creator please "Join the Coop" once your membership is approved you will be able to manage your business or service for FREE, access member only resources when made available, and be notified of updates and new features as they evolve. We hope to eventually link people with like minded businesses and service providers for everyday needs as well as employment opportunities and new partnerships and initiatives.

Once we are up and running there will opportunities to contribute or partner with the directory and help make it a powerful tool that can also be supplied as a stand alone mobile APP.

We look forward to you joining the movement - hopefully the website will be a invaluable tool that will assist us to adapt, change, create the new and support each other.